An EASY and EFFECTIVE Pre-Workout Meal

pre workout meal

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Preparing for an intense workout?

Fuel up with this delicious and nutritious pre-workout meal. It’s the perfect combination of complex carbs from the oats to provide long-lasting energy, protein from the whey isolate or plant-based protein powder to support muscle repair and growth, and a touch of antioxidants and healthy fats from the dark chocolate and fruit to optimize performance.

pre-workout meal

Full Recipe


  • ½ Cup Oats (measured dry) – I use the ones with ancient grains and seeds from TJs
  • 1 Square 72% Dark Chocolate
  • 5 Medium Strawberries, Sliced
  • 40 gr Whey Protein Isolate (optional: plant-based protein)


  1. Mix oats in a bowl with ¾ cup of water.
  2. Microwave for 90 sec.
  3. Add chocolate square and strawberries
  4. Stir and Enjoy !

I personally prefer drinking the protein on the side (mixed with water), but if you want to mix it with the oats, I’d add more water, otherwise it will become very thick.
You could easily substitute strawberries for any other fruit source and the chocolate with any nut butter. The serving size of each item will depend on your specific need and total macronutrients daily target.

Preparation Time: approx. 3min

This pre-workout oatmeal is an excellent way to properly nourish your body before hitting the gym or going for a tough training session.

The balanced mix of oats, protein, and nutrient-dense toppings like chocolate and fresh fruit will give you sustained energy, while also promoting muscle recovery.

The best part is it’s quick to make, so you can easily fuel up even on busy mornings. Consider this tasty recipe as a go-to pre-workout meal to power through your most intense workouts.

About The Author

Andrea Iwanejko

Andrea Iwanejko

Andrea Iwanejko is a personal trainer and the founder of DKO Fitness Experience.
With a passion for fitness ignited at a young age, he has achieved notable accolades like securing the title of INBF/WNBF Hercules and dominating competitions.
Fueled by discipline and a relentless competitive spirit, Andrea is dedicated to delivering unparalleled results for his clients, blending scientific expertise with innovative training methods to unlock peak physical and mental potential.

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